January 28, 2019

Ministry of Education: Annual activity assessment meeting

Ministry of Education: Annual activity assessment meeting

Asmara, 26 January 2019- The Ministry of Education has conducted annual activity assessment meeting and implementation of the charted out programs for 2019.

In opening remarks, Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education, explained that conducting annual activity assessment has significant contribution in identifying strengths and challenges and there by developing the provision of quality education.

Indicating that effort has been made to develop the educational policy and plan of action for 2018-2022, to revise the curriculum and its impact as well as to develop human resources, Minister Semere said that the overall revision of the education sector is being finalized.

According to the reports presented at the meeting, various researches and training programs have been conducted with a view to develop the teaching-learning process, text books in all languages have been prepared, rigorous campaigns have been conducted aimed at expanding educational facilities and supply of educational materials.

The participants conducted extensive discussion on the reports presented and adopted various recommendation including organizing capacity upgrading training programs for teachers and other issues pertinent to the development of the teaching-learning process. They also discussed on the implementation of the action plan for 2019.

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