September 20, 2019

Ministry of Education: Activity assessment meeting

Ministry of Education: Activity assessment meeting

Asmara, 20 September 2019- The Ministry of Education organized annual activity assessment meeting on 19 and 20 September here in the capital Asmara.

Indicating that the objective of conducting assessment meeting is to identify strengths and challenges encountered and give due attention to find solution for the bottlenecks, Mr. Petros Hailemariam representing the Minister of Education called on the participants to forward constructive ideas.

At the meeting the Ministry of Education branches of the six regions and Sawa Warsai Yikealo School and the Vocational Training Center presented reports focusing on the timely beginning of the school year, distribution of school materials, result of students in the school leaving and eight grade national exams, females school enrolment, the situation of boarding schools, students summer work program, schools’ renovation, progress of adult education as well as cultural and sports activities.

According to the reports presented it was noted that, late beginning of school year was observed due to various problems, a number of schools need renovation and lack of villages regrouping was among the bottlenecks encountered in the teaching-learning process.

The participants on their part called for ensuring the supply of school materials and for proper study on the condition of boarding schools.

With regards the Warsai Yikealo School and Vocational Training Center in Sawa it was reported that the timely distribution of school materials has significantly contributed in the timely beginning of the school year. Call was also made for timely assignment of supervisors and the completion of the construction of the new buildings.

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