December 3, 2012

Ministerial Cabinet meeting continues

Ministerial Cabinet meeting continues

Asmara, 3 December 2012 – The meeting of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers at the State House last week continued today. It assessed work accomplishments in 2012 as regards the sectors of tourism, health, trade and industry, and conducted extensive discussion on the action programs in these sectors for the coming year.

During discussion on the tourism sector, the meeting took note of the investment made and the achievement registered vis-à-vis the input of the industry to the Gross National Income and the endeavors exerted towards enhancing professional capacity of personnel in the sector. It further reviewed research and project accomplishments pertaining to tourism attraction sites in line with the objective situation of the sector’s potential. The meeting further adopted decisions for implementing the 2013 programs in the sector on the basis of the National Economic Development Program.

Concerning trade and industry, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting conducted in-depth discussion assessing the available capital resource in the industrial sector, domestic and foreign trade activities, as well as import and export. It also discussed ways and means of strengthening the role of the private sector. Besides, the Cabinet of Ministers outlined the implementation of projects and investment schemes regarding the setting up of food processing and construction equipment plants, in addition to promoting manufacturing capacity at all levels.

Noting the need for encouraging domestic and foreign investment in the trade and industrial sectors, the meeting gave directives to the Ministry of Trade and Industry to prepare detailed outline of the existing investment prospects in the country in connection with the forthcoming Second Investment Conference here in the capital.

Regarding the health sector, it reviewed accomplishments in 2012 in connection with the substantial investment made for putting in place small, medium and major health infrastructure facilities, in addition to providing the necessary supplies and equipment to this end. The meeting further took note of the efforts made towards upgrading the sector’s human resource capacity, and assessed the scope of the outcome witnessed towards ensuring health service quality. Furthermore, the Ministerial Cabinet meeting approved the sector’s proposed action plan for 2013.

The meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers would continue.

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