December 5, 2012

Ministerial Cabinet meeting continues

Ministerial Cabinet meeting continues

Asmara, 5 December 2012 – Continuing its meeting at the State house, the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers today conducted deliberations on the sectors of Labor and Human Welfare, Education, Energy and Mines, Public Works and Local Government.

As regards labor and human welfare, the meeting assessed past accomplishments and future action programs, besides reviewing the impact made towards ameliorating social ills and nurturing the spirit of self-reliance. It further held extensive discussion regarding the implementation of action programs for 2013 in the domains of infrastructure, rehabilitation, training, information system, modern technology, research and communications.

Noting the infrastructure and facility capacity acquired in the education sector, the Ministerial Cabinet assessed the equitability of educational opportunities vis-à-vis endeavors exerted towards building human capital, as well as the merits and challenges of the national curriculum. Furthermore, the meeting noted the need to exert still more efforts to upgrade the quality of education, and conducted detailed discussion on future action programs of the sector. Also included in the discussion were fulfillment of manpower requirement, recruitment of expertise, organizing teacher training programs, expanding technical education and effective student guidance regarding career choice.

In connection with the mining sector, the Ministerial Cabinet conducted in-depth discussion on current demand and supply of energy, and noted the growing demand and consumption trend vis-à-vis growing economic and development activities. Thus, it discussed the issue of enhancing energy reserve capacity, upgrading the efficiency of energy generating plants and expanding national electrification undertakings. The meeting equally discussed future work programs mapped out with a view to promoting the mining sector and upgrading human resource capacity to this end.

The Cabinet of Ministers also conducted discussion on a document regarding short, medium and long-term national infrastructure development plan. The implementation of the plan up to 2020 pertains to the putting in place of more roads and railways nationwide, strategic bridges, hydraulic structures, airports, ports, harbors, housing complexes, social service facilities, stores, sports infrastructure, market places, meeting and recreation halls, and the like. Likewise, the meeting exchanged views on ways and means of reinforcing deployment of machineries and human resource capacity both in quality and quantity.

The Ministerial Cabinet also reviewed future work program drawn up by the Ministry of Local Government targeting the upgrading of administrative competence and effectiveness. In this regard, it held deliberations on the required integration between national and regional plans on the one hand, and regional as well as sectorial plans on the other. Moreover, the meeting adopted guidelines and directives towards strengthening technical and administrative capacity to this end.

The meeting of the Ministerial Cabinet is scheduled to continue.

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