January 3, 2013

Ministerial Cabinet conducts meeting

Ministerial Cabinet conducts meeting

Asmara, 3 January 2013 – The Cabinet of Ministers conducted a meeting today as part of those it held last month. In its latest meeting, the Ministerial Cabinet noted the National Agricultural Development Plan for 2013 vis-à-vis the methods of its implementation and the requisite budget.

The development plan in the sector is aimed at reinforcing national endeavors of ensuring food security. Accordingly, it reviewed the available human resource capacity to this end, and conducted in-depth discussion on the formulated strategy towards enhancing the potential and productivity of the labor force in the sector.

Moreover, the meeting assessed the accomplishments registered over the past 5 years, besides exchanging views as regards the action programs drawn up to promote livestock and crop production with a view to meeting domestic demand and raising export potential, and thereby bolstering integrated development this year.

The Ministerial Cabinet also discussed action plans and projects mapped out focusing on ensuring sustainable impact of soil and water conservation, as well as raising the capacity of water reserve and laying irrigation farming infrastructure. The discussion also dealt with work plans and related programs concerning the mechanization of agricultural activities and expanding research and experimentation in the sector.

After reviewing the available data as regards the type and volume of food import and the expenditure incurred at national level, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted action plan targeting the attainment of import substitute pertaining to food consumption, in addition to enhancing export capacity in the domain.

Ministerial Cabinet conducts meeting

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