November 10, 2011

Minister reminds farmers to apply select seeds and land leveling techniques

Mendefera, 10 November 2011- During an inspection tour he conducted, the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, reminded farmers to apply select seeds and land leveling techniques in view of the satisfactory outcome registered from applying such techniques.

In the course of the tour he conducted in Adi-Quala, Emni-Haili and Mendefera sub-zones, the Minister inspected crops nearing harvest, and indicated that due to integrated efforts by farmers and agricultural experts in the area, the farming communities have managed to obtain more harvest on limited area of land.

He also visited farm lands around Dirko, Sememo and Adi-Bahero cultivated through drip irrigation and discussed the increased application of the method with concerned parties in the area.

Mr. Arefaine also visited the milk production factory being established by the Animal Breeding Association in the region, and assured its members that with the vigorous efforts underway the factory would begin rendering service shortly.

Moreover, he indicated that food security would be ensured through joint efforts and scientific methods, and called on farmers to enhance their awareness regarding modern agricultural methods.

The regional Administrator, Mr. Mustefa Nur-Hussein on his part said that witnessing the benefits of soil and water conservation methods, farmers in the region are actively engaged in such activities, and that a number of micro-dams and water reservoirs are under construction in the region.

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