October 15, 2017

Minister Osman Saleh conducts seminar for Eritrean nationals in Washington DC

Minister Osman Saleh conducts seminar for Eritrean nationals in Washington DC

Asmara, 15 October 2017- Mr. Osman Saleh, Minister of Foreign Affairs, conducted seminar for Eritrean nationals residing in Washington DC and its environs on 8 October on the objective political, economic situation in the homeland as well as on diplomatic activities.

Pointing out that the external conspiracies in the past 26 years to derail development programs have been foiled through the persistence and resilience of the Eritrean people and its defense forces, Minister Osman said that the all rounded progress so far registered attests to the long sighted vision and strong unity of the Eritrean people.

Regarding the ongoing development programs, Minister Osman underlined that human resources development has been given priority agenda in the nation building process and that significant programs have been implemented in terms of construction of educational institutions and supply of basic facilities with a view to nurture competent students equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Minister Osman further elaborated on the effort that has been exerted to harness enough water with a view to ensure food security through putting in place basic infrastructure and introduction of irrigation technology.

Indicating that significant progress has been made in diplomatic activities, Minister Osman said that the contribution of the public diplomacy activities being conducted by the Eritrean nationals residing in the Diaspora is not to be viewed lightly and called for its sustainability.

Minister Osman also gave answers to questions forwarded by the participants focusing on economic, investment and foreign relations and other.The participants also expressed readiness to back up the national development drives.

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