August 29, 2019

Minister of Justice conducted seminar to nationals in Dallas.

Minister of Justice conducted seminar to nationals in Dallas.

Asmara, 28 August 2019- The Minister of Justice, Ms. Fauzia Hashim conducted seminar to Eritrean nationals in Dallas-Fort Worth and its environs on the objective situation in the homeland and regional developments.

At the seminar, Minister Fauzia gave extensive briefing on the developments and challenges from pre-independence to the present. Minister Fauzia pointed out that in this new era the Government of Eritrea is working to realize the national development programs based on national motto of self-reliance and creating equitable opportunity for citizens.

Minister Fuazia went on to say that the achievements registered in the sectors of infrastructural development, expansion of educational and health services, ensuring social justice as well as other social services are all documented and called on citizens to consult the documents.

Calling on all citizens and especially the youth to strengthen contribution in the implementation of the national development drives, Minister Fauzia expressed expectation that the Eritrean youth to strengthen organizational capacity and play due part in this era of peace and cooperation.

Minister Fauzia, also gave proper answer to questions raised by the participants of the seminar.

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