June 11, 2011

Minister Observes Agricultural Programs In Gash-Barka Region

Barentu, 10 June 2011-The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, conducted a tour in the sub-zones of Haikota, Tessenei and Golij to observe the progress of agricultural programs in Gash-Barka region.

The Minister visited the implementation of drip irrigation project in Alebu  at an expenditure of over 18 million Nakfa jointly by the Agriculture Ministry and partners. He also exchanged views with pertinent heads on the speedy finalization of the project. 

The heads of the project stated that the toughest portion of the project has already been accomplished and that the necessary infrastructure facilities have been put in place on 40 hectares. They further explained that with the finalization of the project, 160 farmers in the area would each receive a quarter hectare, and thereby boost output.

Mr. Arefaine subsequently visited the Aligidir dam which was finalized last year, during which he conducted discussion on the tasks that need to be taken towards ensuring its sustainability.

Also in the course of the visit to Gerset dam, the Minister observed the land envisaged for cultivation in this year’s rainy season and the infrastructure facilities put in place, as well as the condition of sugarcane and cotton plantations. Moreover, he conducted discussion with managers of the Eritrean Cattle Corporation in Alebu as regards its future action plan.

Meanwhile, members of the Agriculture Ministry conducted a tour in Gash-Barka region to observe the implementation of development programs. They stated that the development accomplishment in the agriculture sector in general and agricultural infrastructure facilities and transport in particular constitute solid ground for building a prosperous nation.

In the course of the tour, the 60 staff members visited various factories in Alebu, Eritrean Cattle Corporation, foam-concrete factory and animal feed processing plant, as well as the Fiesko, Fanko and Gerset dams.

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