September 3, 2019

Minister Fauzia conducted seminar to nationals in Washington DC

Minister Fauzia conducted seminar to nationals in Washington DC

Asmara, 03 September 2019- Ms. Fauzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, conducted seminar on 1 September to Eritrean nationals in Washington DC and its environs on the objective situation in the homeland as well as regional developments and the timely responsibility of nationals in the new era of peace and cooperation.

Minister Fauzia gave extensive briefing on the strong resilience, perseverance and unity the Eritrean people demonstrated in the past 20 years in preserving independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty. Minister Fauzia also called on nationals in the Diaspora to reinforce organizational capacity, commitment and contribution in realizing sustainable national development in the unfolding new era.

Minister Fauzia went on to say that the achievements registered in the sectors of infrastructural development, expansion of educational and health services, ensuring social justice as well as other social services are all documented and called on citizens to consult the documents.

Indicating that discussing about the future is discussing about the youth, Minister Fauzia called on the youth to adhere to the noble national values and strengthen organizational capacity and play due part in this era of peace and cooperation.

Minister Fauzia also gave proper answer to questions raised by the participants of the seminar. In the same vein, the new building of the Eritrean community members in Washington DC was inaugurated on 31 August.

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