July 21, 2013

Minister conducts seminar as regards education progress

Minister conducts seminar as regards education progress

Eritrean-Education-Minister-Semere-RussomAsmara, 20 July 2013- Mr. Semere Russom, Minister of Education conducted seminar on July 20 to representatives of Central region inhabitants. During the seminar conducted at the Municipality Hall, the Minister explained that the Government is making significant investment to ensure social justice as part of its stance and that priority is given to ensure equitable education distribution in all areas of the country.

He also gave extensive briefing regarding geographical distribution of schools, students school participation, the participation of female students compared with that of male students, the issue of curriculum and books, supervision and follow-up of students performance, and on the state of Higher Education institutions.

Mr. Semere also gave extensive briefing regarding vocational and technical training, the importance of Information Technology, as well as the efforts being exerted to develop it.

The Minister further indicated that efforts are being exerted to introduce educational programs reflecting the stance of the Government, and that the issue of teachers has been given big attention. Likewise, he said that time table has been set up where every graduate citizen would serve national and social service.

Mr. Semere further reiterated that boarding schools are being established in order to enable unprivileged members of the society get access to education, and that encouraging results have been achieved.

The participants on their part called for timely solution for teachers’ challenges, assigning students who failed to register passing marks in the National School Leaving Examination according to their inclination, and the issue of kindergartens to be given due attention.

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