February 24, 2012

Memory of the historic Day

Memory of the historic Day

Memory of the historic Day – Tens of Thousands demonstrated against UNSC Resolution 1907(2009) in Geneva, San Francisco , CA , Melbourne Australia , and Washington DC on the 22nd of Feb 2010.

On the 22nd of February 2010, tens of thousands of Eritrean and Friends of Eritrea took to the streets of Geneva, San Francisco , CA , Melbourne Australia , and Washington DC , to protest against the unfair, unjust and illegal Security Council Resolution 1907 & the sanctions against Eritrea.

The participated Eritrean Nationals well organised and were very proud to stand together for their beloved Mother Land. The demonstration in Geneva was part of the world wide day of protest. The Same Rallies were conducted on the same day through out the World.

They gathered from various cities and villages of in the above mentioned cities and marched on the streets in a colourful show of unity and determination to bring public awareness to the latest UN injustice committed against the people of Eritrea. The peaceful march began with the youth leading all the participants for they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Eritrean, various African & European flags waved in the cool wind and young and old, men women and children marched in unison calling for the annulment and repeal of the unjust, unfair and illegal US-UN sanctions against Eritrea . The rally was broadcast live on Eritrean television.

It was no shock to see this many Eritrean people come together, that is what being Eritrean entails, defending what you believe in and fighting for what is right. The extensive preparation of the Eritrean and participation of the Young generation was excellent and very disciplined which was the result of strong connection with the history of their Nation. The events of the peaceful Demonstration were conducted and concluded successfully.

The World Wide Demonstration of the loyal, proud, beloved & one heart Eritrean against the Unjust, Unfair Sanctions imposed on the People & government of Eritrea ended successfully & peacefully,

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