February 21, 2019

Meeting on implementation of agricultural development

Meeting on implementation of agricultural development

Asmara, 20 February 2019- At a meeting conducted on 19 February, the Governor of the Central region, Maj. Gen. Romodan Osman Aweliay gave extensive briefing on the implementation of charted out agricultural development programs of 2019.

According to the charted out development program, land for residential houses will be allotted in the villages of Zager, Tsehaflam and Afdeyu, four micro-dams will be constructed in various areas, select wheat seeds will be distributed to farmers for cultivation, terraces will be constructed around the Mai Nefhi and Adi-Sheka dams, over one million tree seedlings will be prepared from nine nurseries, effort will be exerted to strengthen the associations of poultry, bee and diary farmers, as well as others.

The participants on their part expressed readiness to play due part in the implementation of the programs.

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