April 1, 2020

Measures to contain spread of corona virus

Measures to contain spread of corona virus

Asmara, 01 April 2020- Measures to contain the spread of corona virus pandemic are being taken across the country.

According to reports, the Ministry of Health in cooperation with administrations and other partners as well as religious leaders in the Gash Barka, Northern Red Sea and Southern Red Sea regions are exerting efforts to raise the awareness of the public on the causes and consequence of the corona virus pandemic as well as to ensure that the public abide by the guidelines being issues by the Ministry of Health.

So far the regions across the country are establishing task forces with a view to oversee and conduct follow up that the public is observing the guidelines by the Ministry of Health.

The task forces are urging the public to strictly follow up the regulations issues by the Ministry for the safety of the people and country.

Moreover, corrective measures will be taken on those that violate the guidelines.

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