October 29, 2019

Material support to NAEWDV

Material support to NAEWDV

Asmara, 28 October 2019- The German branch of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans extended material support to the Denden Camp clinic.

The material support that was handed over today, 29 October included four refrigerators, four stoves, four washing machines and other kitchen utensils.

According to Mr. Husein Kelifa, chairman of the branch association in Germany, the material support was made by the Eritrean community members in the city of Boblingen.

The head of Denden Clinic, Physiotherapist Sirak Gebremeskel said that the material support will have significant contribution in the daily activity of the clinic.

Mr. Tekeste Fesehatsion and Mr. Yohannes Mebrahtu, heads of the branch associations in Sweden and Holland respectively, said that the support to war disabled veterans is not to be left to the Government only and called on every citizens to play due part.

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