April 29, 2011

Massawa City Being Transformed Into Modern Port City, Says Administrator

Massawa, 29 April 2011 – The Administrator of Massawa sub-zone, Ms. Fana Tesfamariam, said that Massawa has transformed into modern port city through preserving its age-old charm thanks to huge investment made in the post-independence period.

She explained that the tasks accomplished towards rehabilitating the war-ravaged infrastructure of the city and preserve its historical sites has enabled Massawa to become a major tourism destination.

Ms. Fana further indicated that the construction of residential complexes, expansion of Massawa Port, international airport, road networks and expansion of Sigalet Ketan are some of the major projects implemented over the past 20 years. She also outlined the activities carried out in renovating and preserving  classic buildings in the port city.

Moreover, Ms. Fana noted the need for upgrading the infrastructure facilities of health institutions in the city, and that wells have been dug in Gedem that would serve major institutions in the port city.

Noting that there exist 20 schools in the sub-zone providing educational opportunity ranging from kindergarten to secondary level, in addition to a college, she indicated that the number of students has increased by over 200%.

Ms. Fana said that future work program would focus on construction of modern port and oil ship docking jetty, launching of Free Economic Zone and easing potable water supply problem, as well as strengthening social service, among others.

Study Papers Presented In Symposium Of Southern Red Sea Region

In the course of the two-day symposium of the Southern Red Sea region, various study papers highlighting the resource of the region, implementation of development programs, challenges encountered and future action plans were presented by department heads.


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