June 13, 2015

Mass demonstration in Genev Swisserland

Mass demonstration in Genev Swisserland

Mass demonstration in Genev Swisserland

A coalition of Eritrean communities from all over Europe are sponsoring the demonstration against the UN Commission of Inquiry.

The Commission of Inquiry has presented yet another distorted version of events in Eritrea, based on hearsay and innuendos. The terminology and language used by the Commission belittles the very essence of independent Eritrea, and undermines Eritrea’s sovereign rights. Since, the report and its authors are part of a long history of hostility towards the people and government of Eritrea, the government and people of Eritrea will respond in the appropriate manner and forum.

Representatives from various UK communities will join the demo, along with Eritrean community leaders from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Switzerland,Austria, Italy and Greece.

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