June 12, 2011

London protesters challenge TPLF’s sellout deal

by Wondimu Mekonnen | The Partners in crime made up of Developing Markets Associates (DMA), Africa Matters Ltd (AML) and the Woyyane Ministers, had their first UK-Woyyane Investment Forum on 9 June 2011 in London. Ethiopians in London were also there condemning the outrageous scramble for Ethiopia among neo-colonizers, land grabbers and their agents in power in Ethiopia.

Regardless of every effort made by the Woyyane to conceal the venue where they were going to conduct their mischievously organised first UK-Woyyane Investment Trade and Tourism conference, the protestors still managed to pinpoint when and where this crime against the Ethiopian people was going to take place and turned up on the gate to tell them that there is no return in investment in tyranny. It has got to be “UK-Woyyane” economic forum because Woyyane controls everything in Ethiopia, not just the political platform, but the whole economy as well. This event is held just one week after UNDP revealed that US$8.4 Billion had been stashed away in foreign banks by the Woyyane regime.

Woyyane went to the extreme length to conceal the venue from view. Listening to the media and reading the websites, they realised that Ethiopians would be turning up anyway on the gate of Institute of Technology and Engineering at 2 Savoy Place, at 8:00 am sharp, just 1 hour before the meeting. The Woyyanes beat them to that. To avoid the humiliation of the 16 April type mishap, Woyyane officials turned up before 7:00 o’clock – 2 solid hours before the meeting. When two of our activists arrived at 7:00 o’clock in the morning to prepare the demonstration place with the Police, they were surprised to see 150 Woyyane Ministers and official pushing and pulling each other to enter the building.

They must have spent sleepless night to arrive at that time at that spot. The two activists phoned others to let them know what was going on. By the time others arrived, all Woyyane delegates transported from Ethiopia were all in locked up themselves inside for 2 hours. The only people seen at the gate were a dozen of hired bodyguard (security men), the few usual suspect “wedo geba hod-aders” (collaborators, in short) like Yalew Kebede and his likes. The barrage of insults from the protesters drove the wedo-gabs inside too.

Woyyane are like leeches. Unless one is careful, coming in contact with such blood sucking beings may cost respect. These leeches are everywhere in now days. There are freshwater, terrestrial, and marine leeches. They all have one in common. They suck blood. Woyyanes are like that. They are in restaurants pretending to enjoy food, in Ethiopian nightclubs pretending to enjoy the music, in youth sport arenas pretending to be sport-lovers but with entirely devilish motives – to stick themselves to healthy body to suck out blood. They even attempt to infiltrate into our churches, mosques and communities so that they lure and attach themselves to worshippers and community members.

This has been evidenced when some well respected members of our community turned up at 2 Savoy Place to the meeting only to be heckled by the protestors. ESAT television reporters were chasing after them to ask questions, but they had no convincing answers. Now, these people are going to be outcastes by the community as collaborators. Their images are ruined. They have no way out now, but sing along Solomon Tekalign about the beauty of Meles’s eyebrows. Woyyane will suck out their blood like leeches and spit them out like chewing gum when their times are up. It will then be too late to recover. The stigma stays.

Some independent journalists and researchers who went in were very much disgusted with what they saw. All scramblers for Ethiopia were praising Woyyane for opening up Ethiopia for sale. Land grabbers were over the moon to lay their hands on some plots of fertile land. A British friend, who had the chance to witness this shameful act texted from the inside: “It is sickening”. Baroness Lynda Chalker, the former Minister of State for Overseas Development was heard praising the dictators. A day will come when the people of Ethiopia would rise and get rid of the tyrants and ask her about her association with these child killers. Norman Ling, British Ambassador to Ethiopia, Laurence Robertson MP, Atam Sandhu, Managing Director, and Developing Markets Associates were among the facilitators. Ethiopians should know who are dancing with murderers.

At the presence of a BBC radio reporter, the protestors were heard shouting: “The Brtitish Government – Where are your morals? Where are your principles! Where are your norms! Where is your democracy! Where is your respect for human right? How come you do business with tyrants?” The protestors further shouted: “Yesterday Ben Ali, Yesterday Mubarak, today Gadafi, today Ali Abdullah Saleh, today Assad, tomorrow Meles!” The protestors underscored the fact that it was time for tyranny to disappear from Ethiopia. They confirmed this by shouting their current popular slogan: Enough! Beqa! Gaye! Aluni! Yeakil! Khalas! To tyranny, dictatorship, ethnic apartheid and injustice!

The meeting was a whole day business. In the evening, when the delegates came out, some of our activists remained behind to see what was going on. The newly trapped collaborators came out with bunches of flowers each. That must be a token of gift of “welcome to my web”, from Woyyane!

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