June 20, 2012

Living for Today

Living for Today

by Amanuel Biedemariam | The other day, I was listening to a taped radio program in one of the anti-Eritrean websites. The program interviewed a self-proclaimed activist that claimed to be concerned about refugees.

I listened to the show in its entirety to understand the thought process and came away asking more questions about why they do it and how they pick the times to conduct these campaigns of deceit.  Why now and what is their aim?  In a single interview, the interviewer, interviewed as well as the website revealed a partial glimpse into the methodology at play.

During the interview, the guest admitted that she paid $5000 to smuggle a refuge, lied that that people are coerced to get out of Ethiopia’s hopeless refugee camps to Sudan. A statement she tried to back away after she was challenged that these people were willingly paying $500 and not coerced to get out from Ethiopia to Sudan. This person claimed that there is no government in Eritrea and that people must be allowed to go anywhere they want. This an attempt to violate the rules the people of Eritrea established to safeguard the nation such as the National and other Services.

I bring this up because I feel that it is significant. It is no secret that there is a deliberate campaign to demonize Eritrea.  These campaigns are launched in specific times by design. Every year, just as Eritreans start to celebrate Independence and enter a solemn month to remember their Martyrs these campaigns become pronounced.

Their aim is to drown the good news Eritrea generates during independence celebrations and to replace it with a message that echoes the Independence Eritrea celebrates is sham.  It is to undermine continuous remembrance of Eritrea’s fallen heroes.

The interview caught my attention because what this confused lost soul is trying to sell is a choice between her corrupt ways at the expense of Eritrea and the values Eritreans hold dear.

On a recent Interview with EriTv Debab program, Tegadalay Ahferom Tewolde made a remark that resonated. In reference to the history of responsibilities of Eritreans vis-à-vis the sacrifices of the martyrs, Teg. Ahferom said, “When we look back, we were faced with two options.  One: those that chose to stay in Eritrea and managed to find ways to establish wealth and, those that went abroad, gained education, and wealth. Two: those that chose to remain and fight the enemy. The majority falls on the second category.” He then described the sacrifices Eritreans made and keep making as unseen anywhere. The example he gave are revealing. “In Africa, in all the conflict areas when a fight breaks out the people gather their belongings and run away. In Eritrea however, people run to the fire carrying whatever they have in support of their fighters.”  That is what characterizes Eritreans.

The choice provided by the pseudo humanitarians is clear. What our martyrs sacrificed was not so we can live for today, for now, for the moment. They sacrificed to ensure continuity. They sacrificed so there is a nation that stands remembering their sacrifices and keeping, the values they lived-by alive. They built a foundation with their bones, blood and guts. They laid the cornerstones with hard work, in an empty stomach and travelling distances almost barefoot. In short, they achieved every success based on sacrifices.

Ironically, the person being interviewed is a criminal. She stole money from Eritrea’s educational coffers got education with it in South Africa and now, she wants to bestow her criminal values as humanitarian values.

It is important to bring this up because we must know and keep reminding ourselves that she and her likes are the very puppets that have been accorded the bully pulpit by the enemies of Eritrea. As we recently witnessed, the US pumped UN Human Rights Commissioner used the testament of these criminals to rebuke Eritrea in the solemn month of June when the martyrs are remembered in the most classy and orderly fashion all over the world and Eritrea.

The choice presented to Eritreans is a) to give up their nationalism and b), to achieve that, they have to hit the values that the martyrs sacrificed for, in effect to forget the martyrs.

To draw a contrast just look at this extreme opposite values presented to Eritreans. In one extreme, there is this criminal trying to play humanitarian at the expense of martyrs and the other, Wro. Rishan Ghirmay is sponsoring 25 martyr’s families. The question is what is more important?

Carrying candles to remember our martyrs is what we do. However, just remembering their legacy with candles every year tearing up solemn heartfelt tears is not enough. Our martyrs lived and died as fighters. They fought with everything they had using every tool available. They fought with words, they fought the propaganda war, they fought with bare hands and when available with modern machinery. Had they failed, we may never have seen a beautiful country that we enjoy today. A country bestowed by their martyrdom. Therefore, to uphold their legacy, we must honor the values they lived and died for. We must echo their voices by fighting the fight that is required by exposing the corrupt, the pedophile, the criminal and our enemies.

Examples are aplenty if we fail to do so it is to choose criminals over martyrs. It is to choose instability ala Yemen, Somalia over stability. It is to choose chaos over development, to choose perpetual misery over development and peaceful life. It is to sacrifice the future for temporary gains. It is to live for today at the expense of tomorrow. Because, if we fail to stand up like the martyrs our future fight will be worthless. It will be an empty cry.

Let them hear the voices of our martyrs through our voices loud, clear and consistently. Yes, let us keep the candle lit everyday on their behalf with deed.

Wetru Awet-N-Hafash
Zel-Alemawi Zikri N-Semae-Tat-na


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