April 1, 2011

Large-Scale Projects Implemented To Achieve Food Security

Asmara, 1 April 2011- The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe stated that large-scale agricultural projects have been implemented through massive investments in the past 20 years of independence in a bid to achieve food security.

In an interview he conducted in connection with the Ministry’s symposium to be held in Barentu from 4 to 6 April, Mr. Arefaine pointed out that commendable work has been accomplished in water and soil conservation, construction of water diversion schemes and the introduction of modern farming methods as a result of the intensive efforts exerted to achieve food security and promote agricultural infrastructure.

Pointing out that the primary vision of the ministry is to boost agricultural production both for local consumption and export purposes, the Minister explained that as part of the efforts to replace rain-dependent traditional farming methods by modern techniques studies have been made to introduce irrigation faming at a much larger scale. Mr. Arefaine then commended the collaborative efforts of the people, government and defense forces in water conservation activities.

Indicating that the development of agro-industry is being given due consideration, Mr. Arefaine said that work is underway to promote the cultivation of tomatoes to supply the BANATOM factory.
Moreover, the minister pointed out that effective work has been accomplished in maintaining the health of livestock which has in turn added momentum to the efforts to improve the quality and quantity of meat, milk and egg production.

Mr. Arefaine also explained that the studies made on preserving natural resources and raising production by Hal-Hale Agricultural Research Institute have resulted in encouraging outcomes. Both long and short-term plans have been outlined to produce more young skilled professionals through the Hagaz and Hamelmalo collages and the vocational training center in Sawa so as to add impetus to the efforts to achieve food security.


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