November 23, 2011

Karora sub-zone: Provision of various social services play key role in regrouping villages

Karora, 23 November 2011 – The provision of a number of educational, health, water and other services in Karora sub-zone are playing key role in the regrouping of villages, stated Mr. Tadese Geregergish, the Administrator.

He said that the implementation of water supply projects in Emahmime, Karora, Shakat and E’la-Babu has led to the alleviation of such problem, and that similar projects would be implemented in the respective villages. In addition, Mr. Tadese explained that health institutions in the sub-zone are rendering commendable service, and that public awareness regarding effective health care service is on the rise.

Moreover, he further explained that new schools for nomadic nationals have been opened in a number of villages, and that the upgrading of Emahmime School to secondary level has relieved students from traveling long distance to pursue studies. He added that registration has been carried out in Emahmime to allot land for building residential houses to a total of 500 nationals.

Karora, one of the sub-zones of Northern Red Sea region, comprises 10 administrative areas and is inhabited by more than 24 thousand people.

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