March 7, 2019

International Women Day celebrated in Anseba and Gash Barka

International Women Day celebrated in Anseba and Gash Barka

Asmara, 07 March 2019 – International Women’s Day was celebrated on 5 March in Asnesba and Gash Barka regions, under the theme “”Peace Outcome of Our Perseverance – Development Product of Our Toil”.

At a ceremony conducted in Halhal, Anseba region, in which Ms. Teke’a Tesfamicael, President of National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) attended, Mr. Ali Mahmud, Governor of Anseba region, called on women to strengthen organizational capacity and enhance contribution in realizing national development programs as they have done in bringing about independence and safeguarding the national sovereignty.

Head of NUEW branch in the Anseba region, Ms. Amna Hassan on her part pointing the uniqueness of this year’s International Women’s Day in connection with the prevailing peace, indicated that the union is exerting effort to equip women with skills and knowledge with the objective of strengthening their participation in the nation building programs.

Similarly, at a ceremony conducted in Forto Sawa semi-urban center, Gash Barka region, Ms. Yehdega Yohannes, head of NUEW branch in the region called on women to preserve the noble political values and reinforce contribution in this era of peaceful prospect.

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