October 14, 2011

Integrated national rebuff has placed Eritrea on solid ground, Says PFDJ official

Asmara, October 13 2011- Mr. Abdalla Jaber, Head of Organizational Affairs at the PFDJ said that Integrated national rebuff has placed the nation on solid ground.

He made the statement at a seminar conducted to Eritrean citizen residing in Jeddah and its environs, Mr. Abdalla pointed out that the country has been impressive progress in all sectors through relying on internal capacity and not being held hostage by enemy conspiracies.

Furthermore, endeavors to build a developed nation in which social justice prevails, coupled with efforts made to preserve the nation’s sovereignty have been crowned with victory, he elaborated.

The Eritrean Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Mohammed Omar Mahmoud, said on his part that Eritrea’s image in the world keeps on shining.

The participants of the seminar affirmed readiness to further reinforce national rebuff.

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