May 20, 2011

Information Ministry Stages Photographic Exhibition

Asmara, 20 May 2011 – A photographic exhibition under the theme: “Eritrean: All by Himself” organized by the Ministry of Information has been staged in connection with the 20th anniversary of Independence Day. The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, opened the exhibition today.

The exhibition staged at downtown comprises 120 pictures portraying the way of life in the days of the armed struggle, 20-year journey of independence and the nation’s tourism potentials.

The handicraft works, construction of roads, dams, opening of factories and others are part of life during the armed struggle that attests to the fact that the principle of self-reliance is deeply rooted in the period of the armed struggle.

The achievements in 20 years since independence also highlight the programs implemented through the Warsay-Yikaalo Development Campaign, especially in the expansion of schools, health facilities, potable water supply, as well as construction of road networks and agricultural infrastructure, according to Mr. Freminatos Estifanos, staff member of the Ministry.

The rich natural resources, breathtaking coastline, marine resources and spectacular landscape of the country, as well as historical sites are also part of the photographic exhibition.

The exhibition won broad acclaim on the part of spectators as it gave added color to the celebrations, beyond highlighting life in the days of armed struggle and the development accomplishments registered so far.

The photographic exhibition would remain open to the public until May 30.

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