December 7, 2011


H.E. President Isaias Afwerki will conduct extensive interview with the national media outlets on the occasion of New Year 2012.

The interview to be conducted in the second week of December, the President would highlight in depth the following issues:
– Eritrea’s enduring choice and independent political line;
– Effective popular participation, strong rebuff, valuable the Eritrean society’s culture and values;
– The bright future and tenacious strive of the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad;
– Reward and glory to the Development Forces and their social security;
– Progress assessment of the integrated national development strategy;
– Implementation of vital projects of economic emancipation and related freedom and sovereignty reinforcements;
– Detailed all round future national plans, implementation guide lines and macro-economic productivity and effectiveness;
– Ensuring food security and its role as a decisive factor for a higher stage;
– Progress in investment, agro-industry, trade and infrastructure;
– Wide opportunities regarding export sectors;
– Administrative strategy as regards integrated development of the coast line;
– Development of domestic resources, contingency plans and their unimpeded progress;
– National and sectorial programs as stepping stone for higher development and prosperity.

Moreover, the President’s interview would highlight:
– The existing regional, continental and international scenarios;
– The new global order and future prospects;
– The eclipse of the philosophy of “End of History”, philosophy of global social justice and other issues.

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