December 26, 2012



IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTH.E. President Isaias Afwerki will conduct an extensive interview with the national media outlets in the coming few days on the occasion of the New Year 2013.

The President’s interview would highlight the following issues:

*The progress registered in national development programs vis-à-vis the objective development yardsticks

*National and sectorial programs as well as plans drawn up with a view to making 2013 “a year of higher integrated development achievements”

*Revision of policies and proclamations for quality transformation

*Enhancement of capital potential and human as well as technological capacity, besides the upgrading of productivity and management

*Political and diplomatic developments and the opportunities and challenges thereof

*The Horn of Africa: Regional state of affairs  and future scenarios

*Eritrea’s stance and outlook  as regards tackling the problems of the Horn region, in addition to regional and global challenges

Furthermore, the President would give in-depth and extensive analysis on other significant issues.


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