December 30, 2015

I am Eritrean and I am NOT HABESHA

I am Eritrean and I am NOT HABESHA

I am Eritrean and I am NOT HABESHAby Amanuel Biedemariam – I am Eritrean and I am NOT HABESHA. I traveled for X Mas and I was angered by some comments and as a result I am compelled to say this. In some of the places, Eritrean places, some “Eritreans” kept saying habesha people over and again to each other. When i got enough I asked who is the Habesha you are referring to?

They told me that it is not a big deal. I asked where is the country called Habesha located? Where are you from? They did not have the answer. I told them that I was seriously disappointed. I was disappointed because these shameless individuals decided to discard or ignore the name Eritrea to appease.

I was disappointed because they ignored the blood spilled to Erect the Eritrean flag and to be called Eritreans. They ignored the martyrs that gave life and erased their name with a fictitious name that does not represent them. This is part of a serious campaign to undermine Eritrean national identity so please do not tolerate it.

Please let them know that Eritrea is not anything else but Eritrea, loudly.

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