October 25, 2013

Health Minister highlights Eritrea’s three quick Millennium Development Goal achievements

Health Minister highlights Eritrea’s three quick Millennium Development Goal achievements

Health Minister highlights Eritrea’s three quick Millennium Development Goal achievementsAsmara, 25 October 2013 – The Minister of Health, Ms. Amna Nur-Hussein, highlighted the three Millennium Development Goal achievements Eritrea has attained in advance from the target year 2015.She made the statement in connection with the observance of the United Nations Day at national level in Asmara.

Speaking on the occasion in which government officials, representatives of UN and international organizations, diplomats and invited guests were present, Ms. Amna stated that the achievements pertain to reducing child mortality, improvement of maternal health and combating HIV/AIDS and malaria, as well as other diseases. The Minister also pointed out that the secret behind such achievements is attributed to high political commitment, multi-sectorial approach, strong community participation and hardworking workforce in the health sector, in addition to the contribution of stakeholders.

Also speaking on the occasion, Foreign Minister Osman Saleh said that each country has its own unique challenges brought-forth as a result of multiple historical and geopolitical reasons, and that the UN agencies on service in Eritrea know the nation’s situation better than other global sectors. He further stressed that Eritrea’s expectation from these agencies is to exert the necessary effort towards reflecting the ongoing constructive national endeavors at global forums.

Ms. Christine Umutoni, Coordinator of the UN and UNDP  Country Representative  in Eritrea, explained that the specialty of the event lies on the global recognition Eritrea has achieved in connection with the Millennium Development Goals, and that such accomplishment could be marked as exemplary in contrast with the fact that it is a young nation.

In a presentation he made in the course of the meeting, Dr. Mismai Gebrehiwet, Director of the Office of the Health Minister, elaborated the 3 achievements vis-à-vis the standards set by the UN thereof.

Students who won in general knowledge and poetry contests organized in connection with the event were awarded on the occasion in which cultural performances were staged by Wari Cultural Troupe and students from Asmara Community School.

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