April 6, 2011

Group Headed By Minister Of Tourism Tours Historical Sites In Central Region

Asmara, 6 April 2011- A group headed by the Minister of Tourism, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, conducted a tour of historical sites in the Central region.

Members of the group visited relic sites in Asmara, Arberobu’e, Shimangus, Adi Yakob and the National Museum of Eritrea in the capital,Asmara, during which they observed historical buildings, artifacts and sites, in addition to the agricultural development ventures in the region.Speaking to Erina, the head of tourism in the Central region, Ms. Akberet Teshale, disclosed that the tour of the group is a continuation of similar tours that were conducted before aim that popularizing the nation’s tourism potentials.

Ms Akberet particularly referred to the program of developing the nation’s tourism potentials in general vis-à-vis the existing potentials in the region, and thereby promotes domestic tourism.

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