February 6, 2014

February in Eritrea’s calender


February in Eritrea’s calender

*1st February 1975:- Massacre of civilians in Weki-duba (150 people killed by the Dergue regime)

*4th February 1952:- Establishment of Eritrean Workers Association (EWA) at a national level

*5th February 1885:-Italian occupation of Massawa

*9th February 1950:- UN fact finding mission arrives in Eritrea.

*10th February 1990:- Liberation of Massawa through Operation Fenkil

*10th February 1994:- Execution of the 3rd Congress of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) in Nakfa

*11th February 1967:- Massacre of civilians at Adibrihim and environs.

*15th February 1982:- The Dergue launches its Red Star Campaign “the 6th Offensive” after two years of preparation

*16th February 1979:-Afar language broadcast begins in Radio Dimsti Hafash

*17th February 1928:-Eritrean railway extends from Hagaz to Agordat

*18th February 1947:-Founding of the political movement ‘ErtraN’Ertrawian” (Eritrea For Eritreans)

*20th February 1999:-Nara language broadcast begins in Radio Dimtsi Hafash



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