October 19, 2012

Extensive irrigation farming activities underway around Gerset Dam

Extensive irrigation farming activities underway around Gerset Dam

Tesenei, 17 October 2012 – The branch office of Public Technique Service Center in Gash-Barka region, said that extensive irrigation farming activities are underway on the basis of Gerset Dam in line with the putting in place of the necessary infrastructure facilities.

Mr. Kibreab Abraham, head of the branch office, explained that the laying of infrastructure facilities for the project was accomplished on the basis of internal capacity, and that active popular participation is being witnessed in the farming process vis-à-vis that of government bodies and EDF members. Accordingly, 300 hectares have been put under cultivation with sugarcane, mango and orange, in addition to a wide area under cultivation with dates, cotton and sunflower.

Pointing out that the project would further focus on sugarcane and tomato production, he indicated that the Dams of Fanko-Rawi, Fanko-Tsimue, Aligider and Bademit have impounded ample amount of water on the basis of which new irrigation farming activities are due to be initiated in the respective areas. Mr. Kibreab further commended the role of youths in the development activity.

Among the inhabitants of Gerset area, Mr. Ibrahim Haji and Mr. Ogbamariam Shefare voiced conviction that the project has had significant impact in the improvement of their livelihood, and lauded the joint venture of the government and the people towards ensuring food security.

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