April 13, 2011

Existing peace and stability in Eritrea attractive to visitors: European visitors

Keren April 12, 2011- A group of Italian, Norwegian and Spanish tourists said that the existing peace and stability in Eritrea make the country an attractive tourist destination.
The tourists also expressed admiration for the development endeavors being carried out in the country, and that they had a good time. Speaking to Erina, Prof. Nicholas Sanchez and Ms. Suzanne Lupe stated that they were able to observe Eritrean culture and values first hand and expressed admiration to the hospitality accorded them.

Ms. Anerica Bonizio from Italy pointed out that she witnessed a unique culture of openness and peaceful co-existence in Eritrea rare elsewhere. Likewise, Mr. John Smith, a Norwegian national stated that he is visiting Eritrea for the 9th time and voiced deep impression with the beautiful art deco and buildings in the City of Asmara and Keren. In the course of their visit to Keren, the group also toured the World War II Cemetery of Italian and British soldiers, as well as the Mariam-Dearit shrine.

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