April 22, 2017

Excerpts of the Remarks by Minister Osman Saleh at the Meeting with State Councilor of the PRC, Mr. Yang Jiechi

Excerpts of the Remarks by Minister Osman Saleh at the Meeting with State Councilor of the PRC, Mr. Yang Jiechi

Eritrean delegation with PRC’s State Councilor, Mr. Yang Jiechi,
Your Excellency, State Councilor Yang
Yesterday, I had the occasion to speak at length with Foreign Minister Wang and I left with him a document detailing the views of the Government of Eritrea.
In this meeting with Your Excellency, I will raise the most important matters and in a concise manner:

1. Eritrea appreciates China’s incomparable domestic successes and the invaluable role it is playing in world affairs. We wish to see China’s prominence and positive contributions grow, broaden and deepen. . . . . . .
2. Eritrea requests China to play a balanced role in the Horn of Africa and to take active measures to promote regional peace, stability and cooperation. . . . . .
Eritrean delegation with PRC’s Minister of International Department of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee, Mr. Song Tao
3. Eritrea calls on China to work actively to ensure that Ethiopia respects international law and withdraws from sovereign
Eritrean delegation with PRC’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Wang Yi. Eritrean territory it has been occupying illegally for 15 years.
This is critical for Eritrea, Ethiopia, the entire region and for China. There can be no dialogue on this issue as the matter is settled legally and technically. The Ethiopian government itself knows that its dialogue ploy has failed. On the other hand, Eritrea is committed to normalization immediately after Ethiopia vacates Eritrean territory.
4. Eritrea calls on China to take the lead and coordinate diplomatic efforts to lift the illegal sanctions on Eritrea. These sanctions are poisoning the situation in the Horn of Africa and harming Eritrea as well as Ethiopia. Lifting them would create a new, positive environment in the region.
5. Eritrea is committed to building a strategic partnership with China. We want to work with China on projects of a strategic dimension. .

Once again, I thank you for this opportunity.
Please convey for me, the respectful salutations and deep gratitude of President Isaias Afwerki to President Xi Jinping.
20 April, 2017

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