May 27, 2011

Ethiopian Political and Civic organizations set their demands in Unity

Abbay Media Editor’s Note;
Ethiopian Political and Civic organizations are standing together to clearly define the main demands and platform for the struggle in Ethiopia. Such unity of purpose is what the Ethiopian people were lacking and will help give focus and direction for our people back home. As such a unity of purpose and action is what is needed leading up to the anticipated civil disobedience in Ethiopia.

Abbay Media would like to congratulate the organizations who are standing and speaking together in these dark days of Ethiopian history.

Abbay Media calls upon the remaining Ethiopian organization to also  join this unity of demands and shorten the life span of the Meles repressive regime. United we stand or divided we fall.

The press releases by the various organizations are in Amharic, Oromifa, Tigrigina and English and are available below; Unity of purpose and unity of action, a tested antidote to deflate over blown tyrannical regimes:

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