January 1, 2020

Eritreans welcome New Year 2020 with enthusiasm

Eritreans welcome New Year 2020 with enthusiasm

Asmara, 01 January 2020 – The Eritrean people have welcomed New Year 2020 with enthusiasm and great hope for peace and development.

Eritrean nationals inside the country have told Erina that the prevailing peaceful and hopeful era is the fruit of the strong resilience and steadfastness of the Eritrean people and its leadership and expressed firm belief that through unity and toil the Eritrean people will build a prosperous and developed nation.

In the meanwhile, cultural and musical performance organized in cooperation with the Commission of Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Defense was held on the eve of the New Year at Cinema Roma heralding the New Year 2020.

The cultural and musical performance that was live broadcast via the national media outlets was highlighted by the performances of the cultural troupes of Walta and Miras.

Speaking to Erina, Mr. Tesfay Berhe, head of the office of the National Holidays Coordinating Committee indicating the meaning and message of the musical performance, conveyed New Year wish to the people of Eritrea and members of the Eritrean Defense Forces.

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