November 1, 2011

Eritreans residing in Melbourne conduct seminar

Asmara, 31 October 2011- Eritrean nationals residing in Melbourne, Australia, during a seminar they conducted on October 29 expressed satisfaction with the successful investment made in all sectors of development and achievements registered and reaffirmed their strong commitment to rebuff hostilities and contribute in the national development programs, according to a report from the Eritrean Consulate General in the city.

During the seminar, Mr. Beshir Idris Nur, the Eritrean Consul General to Australia and New-Zealand, said that with all external conspiracies in the last 20 years and especially in the last 12 years, noticeable development programs have been achieved and at a time in which the countries in the Horn African are suffering from famine and lack of peace, Eritrea is in peace and stability thanks to the concerted efforts of the Government and people.

He further indicated that the achievements registered in all sectors of development is the result of the successful national rebuff of the Eritrean people in different stages and urged nationals to strength their unity and continue their strong national rebuff as usual.

The participants on their part expressed readiness to stand alongside their people and Government for any eventuality and made financial contributions, report indicated.It is to be recalled that similar seminars were conducted in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney.

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