November 7, 2011

Eritreans residing in Israel reaffirm readiness to reinforce their national rebuff

Asmara, 6 November 2011- Eritreans residing in Israel held a meeting in Tel Aviv and reaffirmed their readiness to back all development programs in their country by reinforcing their national rebuff.

Following in-depth briefing concerning the current state of affairs in Eritrea and the region, Eritrea’s ambassador to Israel, Mr. Tesfamariam Tekeste noted that Eritrea has reached to a very bright stage thanks to the concerted efforts demonstrated by the people and the Government.

The ambassador added that all the ordeals wedged upon Eritrea at different stages of time were meant for the same purpose and that the current tribulations will be foiled crashed against the solid unity of its people.

Participants of the meeting on their part reassured that they will do everything at their hand to back their country in its every endeavor.

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