February 2, 2012

Eritreans nationals residing in Copenhagen hold rebuff meeting

Asmara, 31 January 2012- In a rebuff meeting they held, Eritrean nationals residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, expressed resolve to reinforce participation towards success of development programs in the Homeland. They further voiced determination to reinforce the staunch rebuff against enemy conspiracies.

The participants particularly reiterated readiness to stand alongside their people and Government in challenging the unjust and illegal sanctions resolution against Eritrea. Mr. Yonas Mana, charge d’affaires at the Eritrean Embassy in Scandinavia, gave explanation regarding the objective situation in the Homeland, the region and the world, and stressed that strong organization is of vital importance for putting up strong resistance. He further called on nationals living in the Scandinavian countries to strengthen their unity and enhance contribution to the national development drive.

Mr. Alem Teklegiorgis, Chairperson of the Coordinating Committee in the Scandinavian countries, also gave briefings on activities of the Holidays Coordinating Committee, and urged the participants to enhance their participation on such occasions.

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