June 7, 2011

Eritreans in the Diaspora reaffirm readiness to back up developmental programs in the Homeland

Asmara, June 7, 2011- Eritrean citizens living in various countries celebrated the 20th anniversary of Independence Day in a colorful manner under the banner theme: “Perfect Harmony for National Dignity.”

In the celebrations held in Winterthur, Switzerland, in the presence of Mr. Abdella Jabir, head of Organizational Affairs of the PDFJ, the nationals’ reiterated readiness to strengthen the integrated national rebuff.

Likewise, Eritrean citizens residing in Kuwait celebrated the great Day in patriotic spirit in the as well as a number of foreign friends of Eritrea and journalists.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Mohammed Omer called on Eritrean nationals in the Diaspora to reinforce national unity and enhance contribution in rebuffing enemy acts of conspiracy and hostility.

The Chairman of the Eritrean Community in Kuwait on his part lauded the implementation of multifaceted development programs in the Homeland, and asserted that members of the Community would continue to stand alongside the people and the Government of Eritrea.

The participants of the celebrations voiced determination to live up to the nation’s expectations.

Meanwhile, Eritrean residents in Fresno, United Stated celebrated the Day in a colorful manner.

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