November 24, 2012

Eritrean Poultry Farming Company introduces new machinery

Eritrean Poultry Farming Company introduces new machinery

Asmara, 24 November 2012 – Eritrean Poultry Farming Company, a private business located around Mai-Nefhi area, indicated that it has introduced new machinery worth 28 million Nakfa with a view to boosting production.

Mr. Tsehaye Gebreyesus, Manager of the company, said that availability of new incubators would save the company from chick imports, which had visibly impeded it from attaining higher number of poultry.

He further elucidated that the company presently owns around 5,000 pullets, and that it would play significant role in meeting domestic demand after extending its production capacity.

Moreover, Mr. Tsehaye Gebreyesus voiced appreciation for the prevailing conducive environment in the country pertaining to investment, and lauded the collaboration of the government and stakeholders in the business venture.

He also called on nationals inside the country and abroad to become beneficiaries of the emerging new investment prospects in the country.

Among the employees, Mr. Debesai Abraha and Ms. Selam Kidane, said that the new machinery would make remarkable impact on the company’s growth, and explained that the company could manage the poultry’s health thanks to the availability of ample supply of medicines by the Ministry.

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