February 22, 2014

Eritrean Officials met with SEMG in Cairo, Egypt

Eritrean Officials met with SEMG in Cairo, Egypt

Eritrea's ambassador to the UN, Araya Desta Eritrean officials met with the UN Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group on Friday, 14 February in Cairo, Egypt, according to a document published online by the group. During the meeting, the two sides discussed how to facilitate the implementation of Security Council resolution 1907 (2009) and 2023 (2011).

The Cairo discussion comes just two months after another meeting was held in Paris on December 7, to which UN sources say was “productive and meaningful”.

UN sources also say Eritrean diplomats are confident that the sanctions will be lifted soon after the Monitoring Group’s latest report on Eritrea was ‘lite’ on violations.

Eritrea and SEMG’s closer cooperation of late is largely due Dr. Jarat Chopra, the current Coordinator of the Group, who has taken a different approach from his controversial predecessor Matt Bryden.

Mr. Bryden was fired in August of 2012, after the UN received a considerable and detailed complaint about him for his lack of professionalism and political bias that severely undermined his credibility and the SEMG.

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