December 15, 2011

Eritrean nationals residing in San-Jose hold meeting

Asmara, 14 December 2011 – In a meeting they conducted, Eritrean nationals living in San-Jose, USA, expressed conviction that the acts of conspiracy weaved against Eritrea would be rebuffed through the united power of the Eritrean people and their leadership.

The nationals also pledged to live up to the nation’s expectation so as to foil enemy ploys designed to undermine Eritrea’s economic prosperity and sovereignty.

Pointing out that the present act of hostility is not a new phenomenon, the nationals further stated that if the US government has at all a desire to promote peace and security in the Horn region, it should apply the necessary pressure on Ethiopia to put an end to its continued occupation of sovereign Eritrean territory in line with the Algiers Peace Agreement.

Moreover, they denounced the second unjust sanctions resolution adopted through the instigation of the US, and voiced determination to further enhance their contribution.

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