January 17, 2012

Eritrean nationals residing in Oakland express readiness to reinforce national rebuff

Asmara, 17 January 2012- Eritrean nationals residing in Oakland, USA, and its environs expressed readiness to reinforce the national rebuff.

In a meeting they conducted on January 14, the nationals said that mounting staunch rebuff is the legacy of the Eritrean people, and noted that discussed on previous enemy conspiracies ended up in utter failure through the united and determined rebuff of Eritrean citizens.

The nationals from the Bay area indicated that colonizers have been working on hindering the freedom and dignity of the Eritrean people but their attempt ended up in failure. Still, enemy quarters continue to weave acts of conspiracy against Eritrea. However, the united national rebuff will foil enemy conspiracies against the nation, they reiterated.

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