January 25, 2012

Eritrean nationals residing in Northern Germany conduct public meeting

Asmara, 25 January 2012 – Eritrean nationals residing in Northern Germany have conducted meeting in Hamburg City. Following in-depth discussion regarding the objective situation in the Homeland and the role of every citizen in the nation-building process, the nationals called on the Security Council to play due role in compelling the TPLF regime to evacuate from occupied sovereign Eritrean territory in violation of international law and the EEBC ruling. They also called for the annulment of the illegal sanctions resolution against Eritrea.

The nationals further voiced determination to reinforce endeavors for successful implementation of development programs, standing alongside their people and government.
The Eritrean Ambassador to Germany and Austria, Mr. Petros Tsegai, gave extensive briefings regarding the implementation of development programs.  He also stressed the need to redouble endeavors to foil enemy conspiracy and reinforce national harmony.

The secretary of public rebuff committee, Mr. Hadish Goitom, equally noted that the adoption of UN sanctions resolutions on baseless allegations adds fuel to the prevailing crisis in the region.  He also called on nationals to further enhance contribution to the development drive.
Moreover, extensive briefings were given on current issues.

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