October 26, 2011

Eritrean nationals residing in Brisbane and Sydney express readiness to reinforce national rebuff

Asmara, 25 October 2011- Eritrean nationals residing in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia express readiness to reinforce national rebuff.

They made the pledge in a recent seminar conducted to discuss current national and regional issues.The Eritrean Consul to Australia and New Zealand, Mr. Beshir Idris-Nur, gave detailed explanation on the nation’s achievements in the political, diplomatic domains.

He further indicated that the Government is exerting vigorous efforts in the sectors of marine resources, tourism, irrigation farming, trade, construction and Mining, as well as human resource development.

The participants on their part stated that they are well aware of futile enemy ploys and conspiracies designed to undermine the nation’s unity and progress.

Meanwhile, at a seminar which PFDJ members residing in Sydney conducted, they reaffirmed their resolve to strengthen the national rebuff and take care of 10 families of fallen heroes.

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