May 1, 2011

Eritrean nationals in Australia and New-Zealand to colorfully celebrate Independence Day

Asmara, 30 April 2011 – Eritrean nationals residing in Australia and the New-Zealand have finalized preparations to colorfully celebrate the 20th anniversary of Independence Day.

Reports indicated that various programs, including an arts exhibition portraying Eritrea’s economic development accomplishments and the tasks undertaken to ensure national security, as well as sports activities and cultural shows would be featured.
In Perth city in particular, an arts exhibition highlighting the nation’s economic journey and mineral resources, the role of Warsay-Yikaalo in safeguarding sovereignty and backing up development endeavors, as well as paintings and literary recitals would be staged.

Reports further revealed that the hoisting of the Eritrean flag accompanied with the national anthem would feature in Melbourne city in the presence of Eritrean nationals and foreign friends of Eritrea.

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