June 21, 2020

Eritrean nationals commemorate Martyrs Day

Eritrean nationals commemorate Martyrs Day

Asmara, 21 June 2020- Eritrean nationals in Saudi Arabia, Republic of Sudan and Republic of South Sudan commemorated 20 June, Martyrs Day with patriotic zeal. According to reports, the nationals commemorated Martyrs Day with candle vigil in their homes respecting the guidelines of their respective countries of residence to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

Nationals in Saudi Arabia as part of the support they were extending to families of martyrs, they contributed 46 thousand Riyals in support of 13 families of martyrs. Nationals in Bahrain also contributed 7 thousand Riyals to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund.

In the same vein, at the commemoration they conducted in connection with 20 June, Martyrs Day, the Eritrean community in Kassalla, Republic of Sudan, took the responsibility of supporting two families of martyrs, while Eritrean community in the Sudanese Red Sea region, PFDJ organization and the Eritrean Embassy as well as St. Michael and Abune-Aregawi Churches contributed 10 thousand and 800 Sudanese Pound towards augmenting Martyrs Trust Fund and they pledged to take responsibility of supporting five families of martyrs.

Similarly, nationals in the Republic of South Sudan also enthusiastically commemorated Martyrs Day.

In related news, the social service provision institutions and Government employees in the Southern Red Sea region pledged to support 20 families of martyrs for one year.

Indicating that supporting families of martyrs is the responsibility of every citizen, the administrator of Assab sub-zone, Mr. Tesfay Zere said that the nationals have pledged to provide each family of the martyrs 500 Nakfa each for one year.

Members of the Youth Workers organization in the Southern Red Sea region have also took the responsibility of supporting 15 families of martyrs for one year.

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