October 24, 2011

Eritrean Festival in Riyadh and its environs concludes

Asmara, 23 October 2011- Eritrean festival in Riyadh and its environs which were opened on the 19th of October concluded on the 21st with great patriotic zeal.

Present during the closing of the three days festival, head of Organizational Affairs at the PFDJ, Mr. Abdalla Jaber conducted a seminar to the participants on the current state of affairs in Eritrea and our region. Mr. Abdalla said that the government and people of Eritrea have together foiled continuous ordeals wedged upon them demonstrating their united strength.

Following questions and recommendations, the participants on their part reaffirmed their readiness to back their government and people.

Reports from the area disclosed that the event was highlighted by various sport and cultural activities and a music troupe that went from Eritrea added more colour to the event.

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