January 13, 2016

Eritrean Festival in Australia & New Zealand

Eritrean Festival in Australia & New Zealand

Eritrean Festival in Australia & New Zealand

The 15th Eritrean festival in Australia and New Zealand was successfully carried out from the 7th to the 10th of January. The festival which was attended by Eritreans from both Australia and New Zealand included programs depicting Eritrea’s rich cultural diversity. Various activities such as Exhibitions, Sports competition and different lectures, as well as children programs were part of the three day festival.

In his seminar, Ambassador Fissehatsion Petros, stated that the Eritrean people have overcome various challenges through their resilience in the past 17 years and are now set on a path of sustainable development. Messages of solidarity were delivered at the festival from different Australian government officials and friends of Eritrea.

The festival was vibrant with an Eritrean band that came from Eritrea.  Teams and individuals who won in the sporting events were presented with awards for their achievements. On a different note, members of the national associations in Australia held a meeting and discussed current activities, in addition to pledging their continued participation and proper implementation of national plans.

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