May 31, 2012

Eritrean Exhibition at Yeosu International Expo wins acclaim: Report

Eritrean Exhibition at Yeosu International Expo wins acclaim: Report

Asmara, 31 May 2012 – Reports indicated that the Eritrean Exhibition at Yeosu International Expo 2012 secured acclaim on the part of many visitors. The exhibition taking place in South Korea depicts cultural lifestyle of the Eritrean people and the armed struggle for independence, besides marine and archaeological resources of the country.

The exhibition was staged on May 29 in the presence of the Eritrean Minister of Tourism, Ms. Askalu Menkerios, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Estifanos Habte, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Mr. Estifanos Afwerki, the roving Eritrean Ambassador to South Korea.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Askalu Menkerios said that the event is taking place at a time when our country is marking the 21st Independence Day anniversary, and that the current exhibition is vital for Eritrea to acquaint the outside world with its resources, including the 1000 Km-long coastline. The reports also indicated that Sibrit cultural troupe presented performances during the event.

A total of 103 countries possessing coastline are participating at the Yeosu International Expo 2012 and the exhibitions would continue until August 12.

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